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2024-02-07, 9 24 AM Microsoft Lens.pdf
Scan of ecology textbook page

PDF Text Scan.pdf
A PDF copy of text and images scanned from the textbook Elements of Ecology.

2024-02-04, 10 50 AM Microsoft Lens.pdf
A scan of page 22 of the Grand Forks Gazette published on October 18th, 2023. The page contains an article on the treatment of invasive species in the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary written on behalf of the Boundary Invasive Species Society…

A beautiful day hike to Shane Lake in September 2023. Photo is taken low to the dock and includes grey boards, rusty nails, the reflective and smooth surface of Shane Lake, and a blue sky with patches of cloud.

Recording of bird calls in May 2023

An iPhone audio recording of bird calls and distant rumbling thunder. Voices from a nearby radio are muffled, but still heard in the background.

A video taken from near the top of Mt. Atwood

Sunny Boy, Fredo, Baby Sophie, Heart, Pegusus, Smoky, and Houdini galloping through the barnyard just before feeding time on December 29, 2022.
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